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GCTS Testing Systems offers complete solutions for advanced material characterization tests. Since 1994, GCTS Testing Systems has provided a wide range of standard and customized testing systems to perform laboratory and in situ testing on soil, rock, pavement, and concrete. These systems are all built to our customer's specifications and are completely computer controlled and automated. We offer pneumatic, hydraulic, and electromechanical systems to best fit the budget and requirements of the system. Each system also comes with a versatile and approachable software package that provides test control, data acquisition, data reduction, and graphing in one easy to learn Graphical User Interface.

Among GCTS Testing Systems personnel are specialized engineers and technicians with vast experience in instrumentation, electronics, mechanics, and manufacturing. We provide installation and training at our customer's facility with each new system. GCTS Testing Systems is known worldwide for the best customer support in the industry, which we provide through our experienced staff, advanced software tools, and a 24-hour response guarantee.

Along with the vast experience in engineering and design, GCTS Testing Systems is proud to have plenty of international experience. With a strong global presence, GCTS Testing Systems has exported to all continents and over 70 countries. We also partner with industry and academic leaders around the world to ensure that our solutions are always at the forefront of the practice.

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